The Born Negotiator

For every one, because every one needs to negotiate frequently in his life, whether to solve a conflict, sell or buy something, or to market his / her own skills.

This training program first aims at proving that, contrarily, to many people think, every one is truly a born negotiator. Allow us to quote Aristoteles again: “Few things can be taught to a human being that he does not already know”. All of us negotiate much more often than we are aware of. All of us can be effective negotiator with the right preparation, the right techniques, and the right timing when using the techniques. We will use best practices that have, many times, proven their worth worldwide (such as 3-D negotiation), together with techniques developed by NBTS, and that have also proven their worth many times, such as R.E.S.P.E.C.T., or the 7 phases of negotiation. Nevertheless, it is rather difficult to be a super-negotiator when you do not have a special talent to start with: the seminar will also tackle the techniques used by the stars of the negotiation world.