• Scope of work

  • Our Engagement

  • Objectives

  • The 4 traits of Change

  • Our approach

  • Major benefits


We are passionately committed to providevaluable business solutions tailored to organizational needs.

  1. Consulting in Management and Strategy

  2. Consulting in Marketing and Sales management

  3. Consulting in Human Resources

  4. Consulting in Finance

  5. Consulting in Operations management

  6. Consulting in Internal Audit

  7. Special services for small and startup businesses

  8. Essential steps for managing and running restaurants



NBTS has a long experience in management consulting and in supporting firms and individuals to reach their highest level of performance. We worked with different types of organizations from various industries.  We capitalized on our experience and resources to provide our clients with unique added values and competitive advantages through:

  • Conductingdiagnosis of systems

  • Providingneeded informationfor decision making

  • Giving “expert” opinions

  • Introducingnew ideas, new systems, new proceduresand local and international best practices

  • Assistingmanagement teams to develop and implement action plans

  • Planning and managing organizational changes



We collaborate with clients based on 2 engagement processes:

The 1stengagement is based on change management processes related to:

  • Strategic Consulting

  • Operational Consulting

  • Implementation Consulting

The 2nd engagement is based onbusiness functions:


  • General Management functions

  • Marketing &Sales Management

  • Human resources Management

  • Financial management

  • Audit


Helping organizations to achieve their long-term objectives through:

  1. Solving management and business problems

  2. Identifying and seizing new opportunities

  3. Enhancing Learning

  4. Faster change implementation while minimizing the risks and mistakes usually associated with change

1 - Solving management and business problems

  • Client complaints

  • Unexpected losses

  • Missed opportunities

  • Wrong investment choices

  • Competitive pressures

  • Reasons for failing to meet targets

  • Lack of cash

2- Identifying and seizing new opportunities

  • Developing new markets

  • Developing new products

  • Improving products’ quality and organizational quality

  • Becoming more useful to customers

  • Developing and motivating staff

  • Optimizing the use of financial resources

  • Developing relationships with existing and new clients


4. Enhancing Learning

The objectiveof this consulting mission is to empower the client by bringing new competences into the organization and helping managers and staff to learn from their own experience and from the consultant’s.


5.  Faster change implementation

We work as change agents. NBTS helps organizations to understand change, live with change and make changes needed to survive and be successful in an environment where continuous change is the only constant.

THE 4 TRAITS OF CHANGE: for effective collaboration with NBTS                    

“The only constant is change.” Heraclitus

The change process below is useful for organizations to avoid risks and take advantage ofexternal and internal changes, even the seemingly most negative or destructive ones. It has been proven, time and again, that this process cannot be effectively implemented without an effective collaboration with an external mentor to reach the highest performance and maintain sustainable change.

The four traits are as follow:

  • Awareness

  • Desire

  • Collaboration

  • Execution


The client should be aware of the current situation of hisbusiness and of the need for change. Early adoptions protect organizations, individuals and teams from external and internal threats. In the other hand, resistanceto change is risky for theorganization and unhealthy for their growth and sustainability.


Awareness is not sufficient to avoid risks and keep organizations from threats. Managers and employees have a vital role in implementing change through initiating decisions concerning what to do and what to focus on.


Collaborating with an external consultant will be an added value for any organization seeking an objective opinion.

A management consultant should be an effective change agent, by assisting the organization in the challenges related to growth, in order to sustain competitive advantage. The consultant should have the adequate skills and knowledge, and should continuously update himself about the best practices that help organizations to reach their vision.


Bad execution is the main cause of failure of many strategy development efforts. An executive usually faces many obstacles in implementing the needed strategies. Therefore, organizations need many types of support in skills, information knowledge, and decision making in order to execute strategies with much higher chances of success.



NBTS supportsorganizations to improve their performance by providing managerial advice and assistance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement.

Step1: We establish a diagnosis of the situation

Step2: We emphasize business needs and risks

Step3: We develop and suggest actions with respect to client needs

Step4: We supportthe implementation of actions


6. Major Benefits Provided by NBTS consulting services

Organizations will benefit from our objective opinion and easy access to alternative solutions, thanks to our exposure and to our business relationships that made us aware of industries’ best practices.

The main benefits:

  • Independent viewpoint:  We bring objectivity and detachment to problems faced by the company. We introduce new ideas and unbiased suggestions.

  • Special qualifications: NBTS consultants possess special knowledge, skills, and a variety of personal attributes.

  • Professional advisor and counselor: Our consultants have mastered wide knowledge, have completed high educational requirements, and are governed by a thorough code of conduct. 

  • Change Agent: NBTS consultants are catalysts of change. By solving client problems, the consultant considers how solutions can be implemented. These solutions often require changes in organizational structure, procedures, or job responsibilities.