Advanced Negotiation Techniques This seminar consists exclusively of role play exercises

Main learning Objectives:

The objectives of this seminar are twofold:

  • First, this seminar aims at proving that, even though it is extremely difficult to be a super-negotiator when you do not have some talent to start with, it is actually rather easy to be able to negotiate effectively on many issues of every day’s private life and of every day’s professional life. Those issues can either be related to selling or to solving conflicts.
  • Second, this seminar aims at letting trainees learn the do’s and dont’s of a negotiation so easily that trainees would remember them instinctively, i.e. with minimum effort, when they need to negotiate about something with somebody.

This seminar does not claim to “transform” trainees into super-negotiators overnight.

Participants will mainly learn how to:

- Be very flexible up to just before the “breaking point” of the negotiation.

- Be always in a "negotiating mood" whether they are selling something or trying to solve a given conflict.

- To think WIN-WIN.

- To think long term whenever they are negotiating something.

Role plays areknown to be effective ways to learn and implement easily what was learnt.