The Boiling Point

When and how to decide to change your decision on anything

Decision making skills are the most critical skills of any manager. Perfecting these skills allows you, on the one hand, to minimize the occurrence of vital mistakes in your decisions and, on the other hand, to manage the always existing negative side effects of your decision. These skills also allow you to manage any change effectively. A successful executive knows how to embrace the uncontrollable changes as a motivator instead of a threat, and to make decisions based on that mindset. Finally, when changes are controllable, he / she knows when it is the best timing to change a process, a strategy, a plan, or even a person.


Date                     Trainer                    Location Total fees Duration


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Naji Bejjani



  Four and a half hours from 15:00 pm to 19:30 pm