Building solid long term relationships

For anybody who wants to go beyond effective communication and customer service, i.e. who truly aims at building a solid and long lasting relationship with colleagues, clients, or any other stakeholder.


You surely have attended many seminars about Communication and Customer Service. Most probably, most or all of them helped you make your communication ways and your relationship with customers more effective. So what more can we offer? Many of these kinds of seminars do not tackle the issue of managing the communication and the relationship on the long term. This is what we will discuss in this training project. Because, in order to build a solid relationship with somebody, you may have to regularly change your communication methods with him / her. Because, during the – hopefully – long duration of a relationship, many small conflicts and problems will surely arise that may challenge the communication method you are using and may, hopefully, if the problem is dealt with properly, strengthen the relationship instead of destroying it. Because a long term relationship requires a different kind of planning and a different kind of “operational control” than only wanting to communicate effectively in a given situation.