Challenges facing family-managed businesses

Programme Objectives

  • To understand why some family-managed businesses are badly managed

  • To recognize the advantages and reasons for success in some other family-managed businesses

  • To emphasize the risks of centralizing power in family-managed companies

  • To understand the particularities of so-called “informal groups” in this type of companies

  • To learn the business life cycle of family-managed businesses

  • To know what is meant by “3rdgeneration itch”

  • To identify the obstacles of delegation in these companies.

  • To learn the details of the change process from a family-managed business to a professionally-managed company

  • To pinpoint different entrepreneurs’ personalities and how it could affect the running of their business and the transition to professional management

The reasons why the 1st generation that founds a business invests, the 2nd usually harvests, and the 3rd generation has an unfortunate tendency to divest the business. How to avoid that