The Charismatic and Successful Presenter

Programme Benefits

  • Help you develop a passion for delivering presentations!

  • Learn how to deliver a memorable, and thought provoking presentation

  • Take away an easy-to-follow framework that will help you structure all your future presentations, which will save time and stress

  • Discover in a safe environment what it is like to be on the receiving end of your presentation and be given quality feedback

  • Be able to give a presentation where you will make an emotional connection with your audience

  • Feel confident in dealing with difficult and challenging questions

  • Discover the secret of making eye catching and relevant visual aids/slides/flips/PowerPoint/ etc

  • Confident in speaking to both small and large groups.

Programme objectives

  • To appreciate that being an effective presenter is a skill that can be acquired

  • Understand the importance of taking your responsibility seriously when giving presentations to increase your chances of success

  • Identify characteristics of boring presentations, and characteristics of inspirational ones!

  • Understand where impact comes from- Visual, Vocal, and Words, and the importance of ensuring all 3 are working together to enable the audience to listen to the content

  • To appreciate the concept of the 9-90 principle, and the neutral body position

  • To learn a framework that will help you prepare powerful and structured presentations in the future

  • To be given an opportunity to deliver 5-10 minute prepared presentations in a safe environment, to be recorded on digital camera, and receive quality feedback from the audience and the trainer.

  • To be given an opportunity to rework your presentation using techniques learned during the day