Communicating Effectively with Anybody

Programme objectives

  • To review a range of different communication styles and how these influence the outcome of an interaction

  • To  identify the key skills to communicate in a confident, charismatic and inspiring manner in both group and one-to-one interactions

  • To explore the skills and techniques for giving feedback to ensure a positive and productive outcome

  • To practice planning and using new behaviours with a view to extending their own communication style in a range of appropriate situations.

  • To understand where your impact comes from- Voice, Visual, Words and to explore the opportunities and cautions within each

  • To learn the value of demonstratinglistening over hearing and the effect this has on the receiver

  • To explore the 14 different verbal communication behaviours from behaviour analysis, and discover how to use these behaviours to increase your personal impact

  • To understand the importance of engaging people’s senses, to create a memorable message-what can you see, hear, smell, taste

  • An opportunity to “put it all together” and be recorded for your own personal use.


We all communicate all the time, it is in our nature. We all want to be listened to, we all need that. But are we doing it in the right way? Some age-old techniques and some up-to-date ones will put trainees back on track.