Consulting in Operation management

What is operations?

The term “operations” is the process of transforming certain inputs into required outputs in the form of goods or services.

Our approach

We assist our client organizations to develop an operations strategy based on improving operational decisionsthrough:

  • Analyzing product lines

  • Assessing process designs

  • Establishingcompetitive performance criteria

  • Eliminating activities that do not add value.

The above activities will support the organization to add value to its operational decisions, therefore gaining competitive advantage.

Product strategy Development                      “Great products are the keys to success of any business.”

Products are born, they live and they die. Because products die, businesses should continuously develop new products.

Our objective is to develop a product strategy that meets the demands of the market place and maintaina competitive advantage through differentiation, low cost, or a combination of both. We will formulate strategies based on a deep analysis of the organization’s product lines, then analyzing product life cycles.


Process Management

Our experts help managers to design a process for achieving operational goals. A process strategy is an organization’s approach to transforming resources into goods and services. The objective of our job is to build a production process that meets customers’ requirements and product specifications within cost and other managerial constraints.

Our objectives is to select the process that will have a long term effect on the optimal efficiency and flexibility of the production system, as wellas on the cost and quality of the goods produced