Decision Making skills

Programme objectives

Each day we encounter many problems. Some we can deal with very easily, some take time to resolve. More complex problems often require others to become involved.

This Programme has been designed to

  • Unify the combined talents and experience of a group of individuals to work together.

  • Develop the creative potential of every one using a variety of techniques.

  • Enable understanding that before a problem can be solved, it needs to be clearly identified and then concisely and accurately stated.

  • Practice the process of deciding on the best possible solution

  • Avoid wasting time trying to solve the wrong problems, or problems of low priority.

  • Define accurately the nature and extent of a problem

  • Use creative techniques to generate potential solutions

  • Decide on and apply the most appropriate criteria to select the best solutions

  • Learn systematic thinking processes

  • Set priorities and analyse complex problems

  • Avoid future problems

  • Identify and promote opportunities

  • Apply workshop techniques to real-life work issues