Developing your personal influence

Programme objectives

  • To be able to define what is meant by Personal Power

  • To appreciate the principle that “you are your demonstratedbehaviour” and to understand the drivers of behaviour

  • To gain an insight into your personality profile- and understand how to use this knowledge to your advantage

  • To explore your personal values and determine what your highest values are

  • To establish a connection between your values and those of the company

  • To learn influencing skills that rely more on emotional intelligence and less on positionpower.

  • To learn how to get the MOST out of your life and live your stated values every day

  • To understand the difference between empoweringbeliefs and disempowering beliefs

  • To learn techniques to help you challenge disempowering beliefs

  • To understand the difference between submissive and aggressive behaviours and the impact both have on outcomes

  • To learn an array of tools and techniques to enable you to think therefore behave assertively

  • To understand the basic principles of how to influence outcomes

  • To understand the concept and techniques behind extending your circle of influence

  • To learn an array of tools and techniques to enable you to successfully influence others

  • Torecognise the important factors that affect your ability to influence

  • To use different techniques to communicate effectively with your team

  • To be given an opportunity to put all the theory into practice