Dynamic Appraisal Systems for Boosting Any Employee’s Performance

Programme Objectives

  • To learn about different types of performance appraisal systems

  • To identify the adequate evaluation criteria for various job positions

  • To understand the building blocks of a dynamic appraisal system

  • To determine the results of an efficient appraisal system

  • To emphasize how a dynamic appraisal system boosts employees’ performance

  • To learn techniques on how to develop an evaluation system

  • To learn how to implement efficiently a performance appraisal system

  • To learn the 360 degree performance appraisal system

  • To explain the consequences of a badly designed evaluation system

  • To identify which steps and actions should be taken simultaneously when creating a performance appraisal model.

  • To emphasize how essential appraisal systems are for a sound human resources management strategy


Many types of performance appraisal systems shall be introduced. We will develop a few dynamic ones, by proving that these systems are essential development strategies for the company, not simple static techniques to grade or to police the employees.