Genuine Values & Ethics for Your Work


Programme Objectives

  • Identify what ethics means and how ethical concepts may be applied

  • Review the classical ethical approaches

  • Appreciate the benefits of ethical companies

  • Know what strategies companies use to manage ethics

  • Learn about the many aspects and factors that contribute to individual ethics

  • Learn about the many steps companies can take to better boost employees’ ethics

  • Understand why there are differences in the practice of ethics among different organizations

  • Understand how ethical climates affect decision making and behaviors in organizations.

  • Explain the differences between the general organizational culture and the ethical climate.

  • Know how to create and maintain different ethical climates.

  • Understand how to identify the ethical climate in your organization.


“Business ethics” seems to be anoxymoron or even a bad joke. But ethics are increasingly important for any business. The core values of a business are usually difficult to define and it is even more difficult to let employees feel identified with them and understand them in their daily work. But when solid ethics team up with solid values, then the company would have created a genuinely solid basis for growth.