In 1999, after an experience of 14 years as a free-lancer in
training and consultancy worldwide, Dr. Bejjani launched NBTS.
NBTS was then the abreviation of “Naji Bejjani’s Training System”.
NBTS aimed at developing human skills, at optimizing
organizations’ systems, at upgrading strategies, and, in general,
helping individuals and organizations to reach their highest level
of performance.
We are proud to have one of the highest loyalty rates (above
90%) in the training industry, at least in the Arab region. We
continuously build new training and consulting programs efficiently
for any company, institution, or NGO. We thoroughly adapt
ourselves to the particular needs of a wide range of institutions.
We can also provide accreditation from the top accreditations
institutes worldwide, thanks to our long established strategic
alliances and to our strong international network.