How to become a Truly Effective Trainer

You will Learn How to:

  • Develop and fulfill training objectives.

  • Develop training plans.

  • Effectively define goals and organize ideas to build clarity in your training.

  • Pace your sessions and get the timing right.

  • Choose and implement appropriate learning methods.

  • Get the best out of role-play exercises.

  • Handle “difficult” participants.

  • Be flexible enough to adapt your training style to the changes in the mood and in the learning motivation of the trainees.

  • Have the tools to deliver training more effectively.

  • Maintain poise and confidence in front of a group.

  • Make your training interesting and motivating.

  • Use verbal, non verbal and symbolic communications to engage others.

  • Be able to assess trainees' progress.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the training provided.                                                                         

  • Impart information effectively.