Interactions between Marketing Management and Sales Force Management

Programme objectives

  • To acquire the basic marketing skills, tools and techniques to identify, evaluate and solve marketing problems

  • To understand the components that make up compelling marketing plans and that succeed in capturing customer value within a competitive environment

  • To understand the company’s markets, market trends and market segments and to know how to continuously update this understanding.

  • To define needs for information about the market and to know how to analyse them.

  • To define accurately the company’s current and expected SWOTs.

  • To improve the current process of product launching and the pre-launching stages.

  • To understand in-depth the pillars of any marketing strategy, to continuously improve them, and to use them as the basis for any action.

  • To learn the ins and outs of the interactions between marketing actions and sales management.

  • To know how to design a thorough distribution strategy with its corresponding incentive strategy.

  • To define and apply thorough and effective promotional actions.

  • To define and apply thorough and effective communication tactics.

  • To understand, in general, what marketing planning is about, how to apply it, and how to budget it.

  • To discover creative ways to apply marketing principles and practices to compete successfully.

  • To learn how to understand the customer in-depth.

  • To have a clear idea about the legal framework of our marketing actions.