Knowledge Management for today’s executive

Programme Objectives

  • To know the importance of knowledge management for organizations and individuals

  • To acquire basics concepts and models related for managing information

  • To identify advantages ofa truly efficient knowledge management system

  • To learn how to build a process to gather and collect information

  • To learn how to analyze information and use it

  • To determine how to use knowledge to solve managerial issues

  • To understand that knowledge management is about thinking like a human not like a machine

  • To learn the different components of a knowledge management strategy

  • To understand the reasons for knowledge management success or failure

  • To know what is meant by knowledge capturing and by content management

  • To use emotional intelligence concepts to acquire knowledge management skills

  • To think of building a genuine knowledge management culture


“Knowledge is power”, said Francis Bacon.Knowledge is only truly useful if you share it to the right people in the right way at the right time.