Message from the Founder

Hello dear visitors:


I am sure you already have browsed through countless websites, particularly sites that talk to you about the wonders of some consultancies or of some training programs. Believe it or not, we are different: we think differently, we work differently, we understand you differently; in other words, our company has a different DNA.


First, our training methodology is like no other: providing classic techniques in Management, Leadership, Marketing, Communication, Change Management, Crisis Management, etc ..., and innovative techniques in the mentioned fields, is something that many people and institutions do, many of them, yes, brilliantly. We do that also. These techniques are available to anybody who wants to do some research. We are not in that business. We are in the business of working on upgrading mentalities, on coaching every training participant while training the group (to be sure, we also provide one-to-one coaching) while, also, teaching the necessary techniques. Our priority is not only, by a long shot, letting our training participants learn something useful and / or new through our programs. We aim at letting people think and feel differently, We want our beloved training participants to go back to their work place as better executives, better leaders, better thinkers, and, above all, as better persons.  
We continuously innovate and test intensively whatever we want to train on, or whatever organizations ask us to train on. But, most importantly, we always try to understand people better and more deeply.

The training style we use is totally interactive. Over our 28 years of worldwide experience, we have developed many types of exercises, role plays, and simulations, to nurture and optimize this style.

Our very long experience allowed us to make many mistakes, and to fail on occasions. We are genuinely proud of our past mistakes, because they made us more mature, more thriving for perfection. They made us also know better what not to do, and we share this openly in our consultancy and training programs. This allows us to say, sincerely, and with self-confidence: “We have tried that, it doesn’t work”.   

Second, our consultancy missions follow a similar path. As an integrated part of whatever mission you entrust us with, we are adamant on letting the client-organization’s culture be embedded in us: we live the organization, the particularities of its nature and of its working philosophy. We always aim at letting systems be better designed, more comprehensive and better implemented. But, again, above all, we always work intensively with the client organization to let its people be more motivated, more productive, less resistant to changes, and more team-orientated: without the latter issues, no organization can sustain its success.

There is a lot more to know about us.

 Well, come on in. If, through discovering our website, you do not feel that we are ”something else”, then please call us, e-mail us or, better, try us. We only ask from you the opportunity to prove ourselves to you.


Thank you and God bless,


Naji Bejjani

Co-founder & CEO