Our Beliefs

Philosophy and working system

We are proud to have one of the highest loyalty rates (above 90%) in the training industry, at least in Lebanon.

We are widely recognized for our unique training style that does not only provide up-to-date techniques to trainees. Our intensively motivational and interactive style lets people be stimulated to develop themselves from within, long after the training sessions have ended: we were undoubtedly pioneers in Lebanon inproviding this particularly high value through our training programs, as we were pioneers in the inclusion of role plays in the training sessions.Many other training institutions have tried to copy us over the years.

We continuously build new programs efficiently for any company or institution (always soft skills programs) even if these programs are not in our publicized list. We have a long experience in adapting our material to a wide range of private companies and public institutions. The contents of our training material is always the result of researching proven best practices around the world and of new practices we experimented and / or developed ourselves through our consultancy experience, through the intensive university teaching experience of some of our trainers, and thanks to our long experience in analyzing training needs and adapting to them.

We are always in the process of designing and developing new techniques, new simulations, new role plays and new exercises, and then adapting them to every company and every institution, including government institutions, government-related institutions, and NGOs (we are proud to have trained many NGO employees on many subjects, and many beneficiaries of NGOs).

We are always ready to mobilize our resources to create techniques and exercises as a response to the specific needs of a particular company.

All our trainers are experienced and follow our differential philosophy of intensive interaction during the training sessions and of training with a very practical style.

We can also provide accreditation from the top accreditations institutes around the world thanks to our long established strategic alliances and to our strong network around the world.

We are recognized pioneers in Lebanon for many of the services that we provide.