Our Uniqueness

Through the way we train, we not only teach new techniques in our particular and intensively interactive style with a wide variety of exercises. We mostly aim at upgrading the mentalities of the training participants and the way they approach their work. This is why we practice a kind of one-to-one coaching while training a group of people: this means that, while what we train on is useful to everybody, we consider it a top priority that every individual finds a response to his / her particular learning needs through the training. Naturally, this coaching is further more tailor-made and deepened when we provide one-to-one coaching to executives.

Our uniquenesses and main competitive edges:

As trainers:
The uniqueness of our intensively interactive style is easily
recognizable. We also have a unique way of practicing one-to-one
coaching while training a group of people, i.e: while what we
train on is useful to all the group, we work on upgrading every
one’s mentality and his approach to work, finding an individual
response to his own particular learning and development needs.
We were undoubtedly pioneers in using this style, as we were pioneers
in other techniques. Other companies continuously try to copy us.


As consultants:
Even though we have developed over the years a set of systems
that have been successfully implemented in numerous
companies, we are one of the very few companies who are ready
to create, if needed, a totally new system for an organization that
hires our services. We have done that several times