Recruiting & interviewing with minimum mistakes

Programme Objectives

  • To learn how to select the right person in the right place

  • To identify which questions should be asked in every interview

  • To determine the various types of candidates’ personalities

  • To determine the cost of high employee turnover and how it affects the company

  • To be aware of the most advanced recruiting techniques.

  • To identify which mistakes the interviewer should avoid

  • To learn useful tips that help to identify the details of the real personality of the candidate.

  • To analyse thebenefits of applying the famous “Iceberg model” in the interviewing methodology

  • To learn how to read a curriculum vitae.  

  • To understand how the recruitment process changes according to the type of position

  • To determine specific criteria to evaluate candidates according to the position to be filled

During your recruitment process, have you ever thought: “Which star I am missing?””Have I tumbled upon a potentially great asset for my company and I haven’t even noticed him/her?” Through up-to-date recruitment process and state-of-the-art deep interviewing techniques, the seminar will allow you to minimize the occurrence of such big mistakes, and of others.