Resolving Conflicts as if you’ve done it all your life

Programme Objectives

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Analyse time-use data to highlight actionable improvements

  • Improve management of self to increase personal control and resilience

  • Start to clarify personal direction and motivations

  • Distinguish between, and manage, the urgent and the important

  • Create tactical plans

  • Estimate and schedule time efficiently

  • Set goals and increase motivation to succeed

  • Create action plans that deliver results & prioritise

  • Eliminate or reduce people-based time-stealers

  • Understand the true meanings of stress.

  • Understand that some kinds of stress are not as catastrophic as one may think.

  • Use “judo techniques” in stress. i.e. channeling the annoying stress towards productive uses.

  • Control what causes stress.

  • Use some easy and innovative techniques to minimize or re-channel stress.

  • Identify factors that create conflicts in the workplace.

  • Understand four basic behavioural styles and know how to adjust to each for conflict prevention.

  • Appreciate how cultural and background diversity affect interpretations of situations.

  • Exercise listening skills taught in the program to improve the chances for open communication.

  • Evaluate conflicts to determine if they can be resolved.

  • Implement a procedure to resolve problems that have viable solutions.

  • Seek third-party facilitators when solutions are not readily available.

  • Practice stress-reduction techniques presented in the program to maintain focus and balance in their workplace.