The Retail Champion:

This training project will help all employees of any retail outlet reach their highest level of performance, and use their capabilities in an optimal fashion. This training ultimately aims at creating a unique “customer experience” in the outlet. For that purpose, we will aim at letting every retail employee be the best he / she can be, be the best analyst of the client’s needs, be always differential from competition in every aspect of his / her relationship with the client. Every participant will also learn how to be a truly effective team player with his colleagues in the outlet for the purpose of continuously improving customer service, and be optimally creative in his approach, communication, and selling behavior with the client, within the culture of the retail outlet and while upholding and respecting the overall image that the retail outlet’s top management wants to forward. In general, this training aims at letting retail employees build a solid and long term relationship with the client that goes well beyond the selling during an individual visit.