Successful Strategic Marketing

Programme Objectives

  • To understand the importance of marketing as a business function

  • To determine the true scope of marketing

  • To learn the fundamental marketing concepts

  • To identify the necessary tasks for successful marketing management

  • To learn how marketing affects customer value

  • To understand why strategic planning should be carried out at different levels of the organization

  • To pinpoint what a marketing plan includes

  • To understand how customers process and evaluate prices

  • To learn how to set prices

  • To recognize how prices should be adapted to meet varying circumstances and opportunities

  • To define when a company should initiate a change in its pricing strategy

  • To analyze how a company should respond to a competitor’s price challenge

  • To know how marketers identify primary competitors

  • To know how we should analyze competitors’ strategies, objectives, strengths, and weaknesses

  • To understand how market leaders can expand the total market and defend market share

  • To learn why and how market challengers should attack market leaders

  • To learn how market followers or niche marketers can also compete effectively

The essence and framework of what makes sound strategic thinking changes very little. Nevertheless, there are many techniques and recent findings that help you let your strategic thinking make your marketing plan a near sure success.