Surviving "sharks": Unforgettable speeches and pitches

The audience is illustrated by “sharks”, who are waiting for a sign of weakness in your pitch to “eat you up”. This seminar is for anybody who wants to become optimally interesting and convincing in a presentation to an audience of colleagues, clients, or to the general public.


Speaking in public has been often been described as a fate worse than death! However, speaking and presenting can be fun and effective and it can be done by anyone. What is exciting is that it is a skill, which can be learned. Unfortunately, so many people allow themselves to believe that good presenters are ‘born’, not made. By applying the right techniques, with the adequate mindset, and with the right guidance, anyone can become a confident and competent presenter and “pitcher”.During this highly experiential workshop you will learn many tips, hints and ideas, which will take away much of the mystique and the “awe” of how to deliver a powerful presentation. You will develop new levels of confidence and self esteem. We call it the “Microwave Principle” - developing from the inside out through gaining a powerful belief in yourself and your ability.