• Bassel Thaher

    Hi Mr. Naji

    I hope that you are doing good ....

    I'm Bassel or you can say (George Bush) as you used to call me in the course...

    anyway this mail has many purpose...

    1. to tell you that i miss you soooo much.

    2. to ask you to save my address in your list.

    3. to thank you a lot about the information that you gave us ...& i'm proud to tell you that i start to walk in your shoes & work as you taught us & i think that it's workin' .....& really i believe that the smile is the most important thing & the most easy thing (for myself)......

    Mr. Naji.....well if i may i like to call you my big brother ...

    i hope that you don’t forget me (us)... cuz i won't & i'll do my best to visit you in Lebanon & i hope to see you in Syria again

    Thanx again

    love you

    your little brother

    Bassel Thaher

  • Joanne Taouk

    Hi Sir! How are you? Hope all is good! I really appreciate all what you have taught me I am working as a marketing supervisor at a Real Estate Company in Qatar; and was promised to be promoted very soon! . I am happily married and now expecting a baby! I remember you always told me to write I never did... But always remember your wise words; thank you for sharing! Best Regards! Joanne

  • Dalia Lakiss

    Dear All First thank you all for sharing your experience during this workshop, i have learned a lot from each one of you ... In addition to the benefit i took from all the technical and scientific subjects discussed, i was more convinced that no matter what is our religious, political and social affiliation we still can work together and learn from each other for the better of our country. Naji thank you for being so authentic and generous with each one of us...appreciate your big efforts to make these 60 hours full of happiness and learning

    Good Luck C U all soon Cheers :)     Dalia Lakiss

  • Roula Bouez Khattar

    Yesss Best Coach ever! I cant wait to be there again...One of the bbbbest sincere thing about you Naj is that you are living deeply what you are teaching... Biiiig Kisses

  • Boutros Saadeh

    From Boutros Saadeh –14/5/09

    Hi Mr. Bejjani, I just want to say that we are very grateful and honored to have you among us , you turned everybody upside down, you are amazing ,you take small details in big measures, that’s what makes the person almost perfect and special, we want to thank you for every think you did and we are anxious to see you more in the future .

    You are ya wailiiiii ya wailiiiiii inta ya wayliiiiii

  • Mirna Semaan

    100000000000........ likes. What you said about self-confidence (recognizing our mistakes and correcting them), self criticism and being flexible Mr. Naji is really interesting and valuable. I always appreciate and benefit from your knowledge and opinion.

  • Dilana Lebbos

    From Dilana Lebbos:

    hi naji, i just wanted to wish u happy easter to you

    and to your family.

    one more thing, ur the best teacher i ever had, and we

    are many to believe the same.

  • Haissam Radieddine

    Dear Mr. Bejjani,

    Good day,

    It was my great pleasure attending your wonderful session at Berytech Summer School for Entrepreneurs and discover a unique concept of realistic intensive training. I really appreciate it and highly admire your superior professional skills and strategic consultation. I should also thank you for the valuable information included in the CD. It was of great benefit.

    It is my utmost interest that I am added to your mailing list so I am always updated about your news.

    Hope to always keep in touch-

    Thank you in advance .


    Haissam Radieddine

  • Joseph F. Kattar

    Dear Dr. Bejjani,

    First thank you for your reply. I just wanted to tell you that one of the best courses i took in my academic life was yours. One will realize the difference between a good professor and a great leader when he experiences studying with both. I am sure you have been to the States and you know what is the level of education they have over here, still the best education one gets with a professor that really gives from his experience and knowledge and that's what i experienced from your course. I have used the knowledge i took from your class and from the books you asked us to read almost through all 4 courses that i took here so far.

    Anyways thank you once more, and God bless you.

    Joseph F. Kattar

  • Mahmoud Kamal, Regional Manager – Middle East - MOTOROLA

    Dear Leigh and Gabi

    I just came back from long Vacation. My apologies for my late reply.

    The two days event led by Naji Bejjani were extremely inspirational. The first day went tremendously smooth and interesting despite the fact it was a long day. All the team was open & receptive.

    The team building event was executed in a very calm beautiful location with a private beach. All team members were enjoying the participation. 

    You do not imagine that a lot of colleagues did not dance for the last 20 years & some of them never danced in their lives. In this day, all emotions were positive, energetic & no barriers between each other. All the team were transparent to the fact that the light can pass through them.

    I think it was an amazing event that we will carry this memory for the rest of our lives. 

    Very sad you could not make it & believe me worth attending it.

    Again many thanks to you from myself in specific and the team for your support.