NBTS was one of the very first training companies in Lebanon to provide a fully interactive training. Since 1993, our training style was unique and effective in stimulating people’s ideas, boosting performance, and often helping them change their work and life for the better. Our main concern has always been to challenge people both emotionally and mentally using different methods and techniques acquired after very long years of experience in training, while continuously innovating on the techniques, exercises and activities.

One of our major differences and a solid reason behind our long lasting success is our genuine focus on developing people and providing them with long term value, and not on getting the highest grades in the training evaluation forms filled by participants at the end of the training. Our credibility and transparency allowed us to often help participants pinpoint deep and hidden problems in their work performance or in their attitude toward work and toward their colleagues or clients, then find alternative solutions with them.

On the other hand, one of our other recognizable differences is that we are always ready to listen to everyone’s opinion and assimilate it then link it to the seminar at hand, because we deeply believe in the human being’s infinite capabilities.

 The seminar style will be:

-Highly interactive focusing on stimulating ideas

- Systematic, logical and straight to the point

- Motivating, challenging and entertaining for participants

- 40 to 60% of the duration of the sessions will be used in exercises and/or role plays  


In every seminar, participants will benefit from ideas coming from a variety of topics, aimed at also providing them with substantial knowledge that contributes to their success and growth. These topics are also a sample of the programs that NBTS has been providing for more than 2 decades. Examples:

·        Culture Générale

·        Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

·        Crisis management

·        Scenario planning

·        Self-Development 

        Optimizing Customer relationship

In addition, our intensive experience in research and development had made us continuously aware of books, articles, authors and role models that have a high impact on people’s motivation and improvement. As a result, we will share with participants:

·         Important Articles

·         Outstanding Books

·         Famous authors

·         Historical and modern role models


We believe that having fun at work or in a training session makes people more productive and more capable of learning. Our company offers training with animation on different topics such as: Creativity and Problem Solving, Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, Conflict Resolution, and many others. These training services are a powerful collection of indoor and outdoor exercises and games for learning and can be done in nice places in the Lebanese countryside. These seminars can be fully tailored to each company’s needs and wants. The topics are numerous and approximately all of them include ice breaking, energizing exercises, and physical and non physical games to increase motivation.

We can also organize "In-house with animation" on most of the topics we usually train on such as: “Strategic Management”, “Leadership”, “Managing Change”, “Challenges facing family-managed businesses”, "Marketing and Customer Service", “Sales Management”, “Negotiation Skills”, “ Human Resources Management”, “Train the Trainer”, etc….