The Wonders of Employee Engagement:

For executives who aim at yielding an optimal commitment of their employees

Since there are so many seminars that have been provided on many aspects of Motivation, why do we need to talk about Employee Engagement? Around the world, Employee engagement is the new “Holy Grail” for organizational development. Simply, because engaging employees goes well beyond the known motivation techniques. Engaged employees are specially committed to their work, to their team, and to the company and its particular culture. They are true role models of how the involvement of employees can be a real engine of a company’s accelerated growth, not only a sign of a company’s health. In this training, we will design a road map to build an optimal atmosphere for employee engagement. This is so important in many companies that some employees seem to say to their managers (without actually saying it) “Engage me or enrage me”. We will develop the famous 4 levels of Engagement and explain in detail the 5 keys of this Engagement, also known as M.A.G.I.C.